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success factors and best practices of the association s projects, and an initiative to bring electricity to the schools and health clinics of five villages along the Rio Las Pedras in the Amazon rainforest, through a complete electrical in- stallation (electric board, protec- tion, lighting circuits and outlets, grounding system) powered by a solar energy generator.

RENOVATION OF A PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTER IN CHILE Two years after setting up a pro- fessional training center in China in partnership with the Schneider Electric Foundation, both Founda- tions once again joined forces for a common cause in Chile. In Lebu, one of the poorest cities in the country, the Schneider Electric Foundation opened a vocational training center for disadvantaged youth in 2009. The Center was de- signed to meet the growing needs of the local paper industry for

Measuring impact

Since its creation, the Rexel Foundation and its partners have produced 13 publications on six major topics within the world of energy, supported 16 associations and social enterprises, trained more than 500 professionals and supported six research projects. In total, close to 100,000 people have been positively affected by the Foundation s initiatives since 2013.

Prize for the most socially innovative community project After a call for proposals by Rexel s British subsidiary, the prize of the most socially innovative community project was presented by the Foundation to Energise Sussex

Coast. This social enterprise distributed 600 Energy Packs

to families living in fuel poverty: eco-efficient products and energy monitors. This equipment is installed in recipients homes, and followed up on by the association.

British housing is among the least energy efficient in

Europe. The cold homes phenomenon may concern as many as seven million residences.


skilled workers in the industrial and electric automation sectors. The Rexel Foundation joined the project to renovate the technical equipment in the center s training laboratories and finance scholar- ships for 30 new students. The Foundation is also committed to helping students gain professional skills and improving their access to first employment.