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Rexel shares with its suppliers and subcontractors a commitment to provide responsible solutions with regard

to environmental and social practices, as well as to respect consumer health and safety.

Suppliers and subcontractors are partners of vital importance to Rexel, which distributes over one million references worldwide. The Group s ethical, environmental and quality standards apply to all of these service providers.

COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICAL STANDARDS The Rexel Group requires all of its suppliers and subcontractors to

comply with the ethical standards presented in its Ethics Guide. From a contractual standpoint, they must adhere to the general terms and conditions of sale, which include specific clauses regarding the obli- gation to respect the International Labour Organization s fundamen- tal conventions and local legisla- tion, notably in terms of minimum wage, working hours, working envi- ronment, occupational safety, and health. The purchasing contracts also in- clude specific clauses under which suppliers agree to: Operate in compliance with na- tional and international law, Comply with the principles of free competition, Reject corruption in all of its forms.

Regarding labor standards, it is expressly stipulated that the supplier must uphold the princi- ples of human rights and human dignity, not rely on child labor, >>

BILLION OF PRODUCTS purchased to be distributed in 2014