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While today s renewable energy activities are still heavily conditioned by the government support policies adopted by each country,

Rexel is committed to promoting the development of a range of solutions, especially in photovoltaic power and wind turbines.


PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER Rexel s goal is to consolidate its position while generating real mo- mentum on the market for photovol- taics. The Group markets a complete range of equipment for residential use, including photovoltaic panels and the accessories needed for their installation and connection, sometimes sold in kits to help con- tractors choose the best solution. In 2014, Rexel created the Energeasy Solar online portal, which offers a range of practical, innovative services for developping photovoltaic installa- tion projects: production simulations,

names of qualified contractors, financing solutions, administrative help for government assistance pro- grams and tax breaks, guarantees and maintenance, etc. It is also the first such service to offer production guarantees for the owners of solar power installations. Rexel plans to implement this program in several countries. Already in opera- tion in Belgium, in the Netherlands as well as in the UK where it received the Industry Development Award at the 2014 Solar Industry Awards, it should become available in the US in 2015 and in the Scandinavian countries in 2016. Energeasy Solar s key advantage lies in its ability to clarify chal- lenges and strengths of pho- tovoltaics while facilitating the installation of solar panels, for end- users as well as installers. The pro- duction guarantee provided is also a means of reducing end-users un- certainty about the return on their investment.

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