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Energy Efficiency"), through con- sumption control and energy-saving solutions in particular. Energy efficiency lies at the heart of the strategy chosen by Rexel, whose mission is to support its customers wherever they are in the world, and to enable them to create value and optimize their business activities by providing them with a range of innovative and sustainable products and ser- vices in automation, technical ex- pertise and energy management. Consumption control is the safest, fastest and most effective means of conserving natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions. In 2014, Rexel implemented en- ergy efficient solutions for electri- cians: energy auditing and home automation installation software, a tool for calculating return on investment, a financial services

offering, etc. At the dawn of an Energy Internet revolution char- acterized by the convergence of electrical and digital technologies, Rexel is an expert in the technolo- gies, products and solutions need- ed to measure, regulate and opti- mize energy consumption.

RAISING AWARENESS Rexel is a major player in the elec- trical industry and acts as an in- termediary between suppliers, installers and customers. In this sense, the Group is particularly well positioned to spread aware- ness and encourage the adop- tion of energy efficient solutions. The challenge lies first in raising awareness among professionals and individuals. Solutions exist and are profitable, but their adop- tion on a larger scale requires assistance and support in terms of information and financing. Rexel helps inform professionals and private individuals through multiple channels: trade fairs and electrician training programs, cus- tomer studies and surveys, an on- line magazine focused on energy efficiency, and websites such as the Energeasy Solar portal, which enables residential customers to simulate the solar energy produc- tion potential of their rooftops and offers them a five-year production guarantee on a range of solar pan- els provided by trusted, high-quali- ty manufacturers.

Energy efficiency: the world s first fuel?

According to a 2014 report from the International Energy Agency, energy efficiency is not only one of the primary means of reducing CO2 emissions, but the leading hidden fuel and an energy source of its own. Thus, by 2020, 49% of the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit global warming could be provided by energy efficient solutions.