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ethics and the supply chain. This solution gives Rexel access to in- formation on its suppliers policies and procedures, in particular the management of the value chain beyond the direct suppliers, with common indicators for comparing performances. The pilot campaign ended in April 2014 and the Group plans to deploy this evaluation sys- tem on a larger scale in 2015.

ON-SITE AUDITS A number of subsidiaries conduct audits at their suppliers sites in order to ensure that they operate under proper conditions and are capable of supplying high-quali- ty products that comply with la- bor standards and environmental regulations. For example, Rexel has created a shared sourcing platform in Asia in charge of evaluating local suppliers on behalf of the Group s subsidiar- ies. Its audits of potential suppli- ers cover a wide range of criteria, including finance, quality systems, operations, environmental aspects

and safety. The supplier carries out an initial self-assessment, followed by an on-site visit by an auditor to evaluate the level of compli- ance with the expected standards. Afterwards, depending on the score, the supplier may be reject- ed, authorized, or approved pend- ing the completion of specified corrective measures.


+ 13,000

38 AUDITS AND 8 VISITS TO SUPPLIERS were conducted by the sourcing platform teams in 2014