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forced labor or black market la- bor, reject all forms of discrimi- nation and coercion, and guar- antee its employees health and safety. In terms of the environment, the supplier agrees to carry out its operations and to supply Rexel with its products in total compli- ance with all environmental laws and regulations in force.

PRODUCT COMPLIANCE AND END-USER SAFETY Rexel implements the neces- sary measures to ensure that the products it markets com- ply with all legal requirements, including EU regulations like REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) and the RoHS (Restriction of

The BizLine testing laboratory

BizLine, a Rexel Group brand, has opened its own COFRAC- certified testing laboratory, which carries out tests in order to ensure that its products comply with all local regulations in their various destination markets. The BizLine testing center tests a total of nearly 400 products every year.





Hazardous Substances) Directive for the substances contained in the products. The Group is even more close- ly committed to these standards and regulations regarding its own brands, carrying out strin- gent quality and safety moni- toring of the products that it develops.