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500). Monthly consumption moni- toring allows Rexel to identify ab- normal situations and react quickly by implementing corrective mea- sures. In France, the energy transi- tion law requires major companies to carry out an energy consump- tion audit by the end of 2015.

TURNING TO RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES In order to limit their indirect CO2 emissions, growing num- bers of Rexel subsidiaries are con- tracting for their electrical power

from certified renewable sources. Installing solar panels and connect- ing to heating networks powered by biomass combustion are among the adopted solutions. For example, all of the Netherlands branches have been using electricity generated by biomass combustion for the last several years, thereby saving the equivalent of 400 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The Rexel Campus: new headquarters at the forefront of innovation The Group s headquarters have relocated to the Rexel Campus, uniting more than 400 employees in a single HQE-certified building. This new 10,000-square meter head office is equipped with the most advanced building management and control systems. As a showcase for Rexel s expertise in energy efficiency, the Campus was designed to optimize lighting, heating and cooling, while offering high levels of comfort and connectivity. It also has charging stations for electric vehicles. 158

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