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Rexel seeks to reward individual and collective performance and to motivate its employees by offering them preferential

conditions for becoming shareholders.






SINCE 2007

The Group s compensation policy is based on the company s perfor- mance and earnings. The levels of compensation are defined for each country to meet two requirements: the competitiveness of compensa- tion offered and internal equality. As of 2014, 55.6% of Rexel s employees with Permanent Contracts are eligible for variable compensation. This type of compensation primarily involves sales and managerial positions. In addition, half of the Group s employ- ees are part of a profit-sharing plan calculated on the basis of collective earnings. This system for recognizing performance is an integral part of the Group s culture, allowing it to reward its employees commitment and in- volve them directly in the success of the company as a whole. The Group has also developed an employee shareholding pol- icy called Opportunity. Since Rexel s listing on the stock mar- ket, four employee share purchase plans have been offered, in 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2013, allowing em- ployees to acquire shares in the

company under preferential condi- tions. Opportunity13 was offered in 15 countries, covering more than 80% of the Group s employees. The overall participation rate was 14.5%, with higher national rates in France, Canada and China. Compared with other companies, this overall re- sult places Rexel above the median (study: Altedia FAS 2013). Every year since 2011, the six Rexel subsidiaries in France have offered their employees the choice of receiv- ing the profit sharing bonus stipulat- ed by law or investing this bonus in a Rexel stock fund through the Group savings plan (Plan Épargne Groupe PEG), thus benefiting from an ad- ditional contribution by their employ- er. Nearly 50% of employees chose the latter option in 2014.

Online access Since 2012, the employee shareholding plans have been accessible online. Employees can find all the information they need on a dedicated website available in multiple

languages. Those who are shareholders can also consult the details of their holdings.