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economic models. The Foundation also supports studies and research in the energy efficiency field. The ob- jective of these studies is to create a shared knowledge base on the sub- ject in order to raise awareness among opinion leaders as well as the general public. Finally, grants aim to encourage innovation and the development of new energy efficient solutions by fostering beha- vioral change as well as by promoting new techniques.

REXEL S SOCIAL COMMITMENT The Foundation is part of Rexel s social commitment policy. In coun- tries where the Group is present,

its subsidiaries and banners have been leading community initiatives among local disadvantaged popula- tions for years. In 2012, the creation of a Community Involvement Charter specified the Group s realm of com- mitment, its approach and its core principles. A practical guide was

The Foundation s core principles Socially innovative Environmentally friendly and

providing energy savings Collaborative and partnership driven Repeatable and scalable



Fight fuel poverty Develop economic activities and local sustainable employment

THE ENVIRONMENT Energy efficiency and protection of resources Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

HEALTH AND SAFETY Heating Reduce dangerous and harmful emissions


EDUCATION Provide electricity to schools Home lighting Access to information technologies