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the latest technological break- throughs. For example, the Rexel Innovation Centre in the UK gives visitors an opportunity to handle the products and see them in use. Opinion surveys on energy effi- ciency perception, the online energy efficiency magazine and educational websites are other information channels available to the public. Energy 3.0, published in 2013 by Rexel CEO Rudy Provoost, explains the impact of digital technology on the energy world and provides the keys to understanding this trans- formation and the emergence of

an innovative industry. The Rexel Foundation for a better energy future, also created in 2013, im- proves public understanding by conducting studies and surveys. In 2014, the Foundation launched a joint skills platform for social entrepreneurs, which contributes to spreading energy progress through social innovation.


2011 Rexel-Harris Interactive Barometer

Launch of the web magazine on energy efficiency

2012 Launch of the Energy in Motion company plan

2013 Publication of the book and the web magazine "Energy 3.0"

Creation of the Rexel Foundation for a better energy future

Rexel OpinionWay Study on energy effficiency

2014 Founding partner of "Solutions COP21", a collective initiative organized in preparation for the 21st UN Climate Change Conference Paris 2015

Partner of the Global Convergences Forum

Participation in the World Summit of Regions for Climate

2015 Participant in the Yale Climate Change Dialogue organized by Yale University

Participant in the Business and Climate Summit in Paris

Partner of the Paris Climate 2015: Make It Work initiative organized by Sciences Po Paris