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One of the fundamental principles included in the Ethics Guide is the systematic rejection of all forms of discrimination, regardless

of their nature, in order to ensure equal opportunity.



GENDER EQUALITY The Group is committed to guaran- teeing the equal treatment of men and women on a comparable basis and in every respect, including hir- ing, compensation, career develop- ment, training, etc. At the end of 2014, women repre- sented 23.3% of the total workforce, a percentage that reflects the reali- ty of the market and the low rep- resentation of women in the spe- cialized distribution sector. Rexel stands out in the gender balance of its leadership bodies, with a Board of Directors composed of 45% wom- en (as of May 27, 2015). This score earned Rexel the award of runner- up for "most improved" in the 2014 ranking of best gender balance in top management among companies in the SBF 120 French stock market index, which was sponsored by the French Ministry of Women s Rights.

EMPLOYEE INTEGRATION The Rexel Group implements many measures favoring new employee

integration and reducing turnover: a welcome guide, mentoring, fol- low-up interviews, a dedicated web- site, an integration seminar, etc.

A POLICY OF HIRING THE DISABLED IN FRANCE Due to the Group s proactive hiring policy, the percentage of disabled employees at Rexel France rose from 0.8% in 2007 to 2.7% in 2014. One of the key elements of this policy was the signing of an agree- ment in 2013 to encourage the hir- ing of disabled employees. This agreement is based primarily on strengthening recruitment partner- ships and participating in all job fairs for the disabled. Each newly hired disabled employee receives an in- tegration plan. Support is provided for employees with health issues in order to find solutions that al- low them to keep their jobs. Finally, awareness events are organized.

The challenge now is to maintain our momentum by attracting more women to our field the distribution of electrical supplies and services to professional users.

SHARON MACBEATH Group Senior Vice-President Human Resources.