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Fuel poverty is a major obstacle for certain communities, a hindrance to their human, economic and social development.

The Rexel Foundation s mission is to contribute to fighting this problem by improving access to energy efficiency for all.


Ongoing worldwide population growth and the increasing scar- city of natural resources conti- nue to leave a large portion of the world s inhabitants without access to energy. Throughout the OECD member countries, the economic crisis has exacerbated inequalities and increased fuel poverty among the most disadvan- taged. Created in 2013, the Rexel Foundation has developed nume- rous initiatives to spread energy progress.

A FOUNDATION FOR A BETTER ENERGY FUTURE Energy efficiency, and energy pro- gress in general, lie at the heart of Rexel s business. The Group s intent in creating its Foundation was to contribute its skills and expertise to the fight against fuel poverty. Through this commitment, Rexel wants to produce a positive impact on the economy, education, the en- vironment, health and safety.

Placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Rexel Foundation relies on three kinds of programs to fulfill its purpose. First, community projects among the most disadvantaged populations, in developing as well as in developed countries, to facilitate the spread of energy efficient solutions. Led in close collaboration with many partners, these projects are hinged on the establishment of autono- mous, innovative and sustainable

BILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE have no access to electricity (Source: IEA 2011)