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PARTICIPATING IN THE ENERGY DEBATE Rexel actively participates in the debate concerning the major chal- lenges of the energy world and shares its operational expertise in the field of energy efficiency with the general public. Rexel is also involved in Entreprises pour l Envi- ronnnement (EpE) and Comité 21. In 2014, Rexel joined the Solutions COP21 network. In preparation for the 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris, this network of public and private companies and institutions took action to pub- licize the solutions in place or those suggested by its members to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Rexel also participated in the World Summit of Regions for Climate, aimed at mobilizing the world s re- gions before COP21. In 2014, Rexel also took part for the first time in the Convergences World Forum, a European platform for thought and the co-creation of

new models of economic develop- ment and value creation. Rexel s Austrian subsidiary was one of the leading sponsors of the R20 Conference, organized by the NGO founded by former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, which took place in Vienna in October 2014.

RAISING AWARENESS AMONG INSTALLERS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC Rexel provides contractors and electricians with regular training programs to update their knowl- edge of current technologies, de- velop their technical know-how and fine-tune their selling points for energy control solutions. Thus, in 2013 and 2014, 5,532 em- ployees in 22 countries received energy efficiency training, primar- ily in the area of lighting. The training is interactive and held in special demonstration spaces that are veritable showcases for >>

As a key intermediary between suppliers, installers and customers, Rexel plays an important role in raising awareness of energy issues among its representatives

and encouraging them to adopt energy efficient solutions.

PARTY COUNTRIES represented by national delegations will participate in the 21st UN Climate Change Conference Paris 2015