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Going beyond its legal obligations, the Group fulfills its social responsibility through a constant concern for its employees health and safety.

Each country manages these risks independently, in compliance with local regulations and the principles of the Ethics Guide.


SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE The main risks for Rexel s employ- ees are related to falls, road traf- fic, the operation of machinery, the handling of materials and ca- bles, and computer work. To com- bat these risks, the Group seeks to guarantee its employees right to safety, hygiene and health and to spread best practices worldwide. Medical check-ups, awareness rais- ing campaigns and training pro- grams remain the primary tools of prevention.

DEVELOPING A MINIMUM SOCIAL PROTECTION STANDARD In most of its countries of oper- ation, Rexel offers its employees healthcare and disability insurance policies that supplement the man- datory coverage stipulated by law. In an effort to ensure adequate social protection for all its employ- ees, the Group has also established a minimum coverage standard for work-related accidents: Rexel Plus Protection for All. Launched

in 2010, the program now cov- ers nine countries, managed lo- cally, with nearly 4,200 employees insured. In 2014 Rexel conduct- ed a study of local standards in terms of universal disability insurance, for the purpose of ad- justing the Rexel Plus coverage wherever necessary.

SAFETY AUDIT In 2013, the internal audit teams evaluated Rexel s safety organi- zation, both Group-wide and in a sample of nine subsidiaries, with the aim of strengthening the Group s safety culture. Based on the results of this evaluation, Rexel launched a worldwide safety action plan and set goals to be reached by 2015. These action plans are meant to define a safety policy and to set up safety standards for the Group. A communication and glob- al awareness raising campaign will accompany this process, which is supported by a newly created safety community.

As a responsible company and world-class leader, whose success relies on its people s energy all along the value chain, Rexel has decided to launch a global safety campaign. It underlines that the safety of our staff and all our stakeholders is and will always be, an essential part of how we do business.

PETER HAKANSON Group Senior Vice-President Operations