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Energy efficiency is the safest, cleanest and most affordable means of reducing energy consumption without harming the performance

of companies or the comfort of end-users. Since 2012, Rexel has given it a key role in the Group s development.




A GROWTH DRIVER FOR THE GROUP In its Energy in Motion company plan, launched in 2012, the Group defined the mission to support customers around the globe, wherever they are, to create value and run their businesses better, by providing a broad range of sustainable and in- novative products and services for automation, technical supply and energy management. The development of high-poten- tial products and services linked to energy efficiency is therefore one of the Group s primary growth drivers: energy-saving solutions, automation, smart control and technical management for build- ings, home automation, climate control and renewable energies.

IMPLEMENTING THE STRATEGY In order to ensure the implemen- tation of its strategy, in 2013 Rexel formed an internal community of 240 energy efficiency experts across 23 countries. Their role is to raise awareness and train employees in energy efficiency and to contribute to the develop- ment of relevant commercial solu- tions. They also support efforts to raise customers awareness of the benefits provided by smart energy control solutions. Rexel also offers a broad range of training programs for its em- ployees, particularly in the area of new eco-efficient technolo- gies (e.g.  LED), energy efficient solutions and renewable energies (photovoltaics, heat pumps, etc.). Several acquisitions have broad- ened the Group s energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the preferred means of reducing and optimizing energy consumption while at the same time fighting climate change.

FRANCK LEGARDEUR Group Marketing Director Energy Efficiency