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together public institutions, NGOs, and companies that feel they have solutions that can alleviate climate imbalance. This initiative is intend- ed to promote the actions taken to meet the climate challenge among decision makers as well as the gen- eral public: solutions involving ener- gy efficiency, mobility, construction, ecodesign, telecommunications, etc. Many of these solutions will be presented at the Climate Change Conference in Paris, alongside the official meetings.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY AT THE HEART OF THE DEBATE In light of the continually growing demand for energy worldwide, ener- gy management has become a cen- tral issue for the future of our planet. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), energy efficiency is a major source of energy savings that remains largely untapped. For ex- ample, the potential energy savings

that could be achieved worldwide is around 80% in the sectors of power generation and buildings (accord- ing to the 2014 OECD/IEA Report, "Capturing the Multiple Benefits of

An intermediary between manufacturers, electricians and end-users, Rexel acts as a catalyst and accelerator in consumer adoption of energy efficient products and services. As a global actor committed to fighting climate change, the Group pays particular attention to reducing the environmental impact of its buildings and transport. Rexel has also developed a range of innovative solutions to address the challenge of climate change from two different angles: energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources. Rexel is conscious that to achieve a zero carbon economy we need to transform the way we consume electricity. This is why the company is developing a range of awareness-raising initiatives aimed at end-users.

Microsol study

In 2014, the Rexel Foundation and Microsol published the results of a study on the feasibility of developing carbon schemes in the field of energy efficiency to assist disadvantaged populations in Latin America. Microsol is a social enterprise specializing in the implementation of innovative, sustainable projects to improve the quality of life of rural communities affected by climate change. The initial results of the study identify the conditions in which decentralized electricity and lighting systems could be established and financed using renewable energy sources.


PASCALE GIET Group Senior Vice-President Communications and Sustainable Development and Vice-Chairman of the Rexel Foundation