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By publishing the book Energy 3.0, which discusses the digital revolu- tion in the energy sector, the new tools and services for consum- ers, and the transformation of the energy industry, Rexel CEO Rudy Provoost has personally contrib- uted to this awareness-raising

initiative. Created in 2013, the Rexel Foundation for a better ener- gy future also participates in build- ing and disseminating a knowledge base on the topic while encour- aging social innovation, notably through its social entrepreneur- ship support platform.

Rexel participates in the climate change dialogue The Rexel Foundation joined the Yale Climate Change Dialogue and took part in one of its key meetings, which was held on January 30,

2015 in New York City with leaders from the world of business, government,

and academia. Rexel also participated in the Business & Climate Summit, which took place at UNESCO headquarters during Climate Week in Paris in May 2015, 200 days before COP21. These two days of discussion between

company representatives and political decision makers were intended to bring to light the solutions and progress made in sustainable growth and to issue recommendations for the implementation of these solutions on a larger scale a key step in preparing for the Climate Change Conference in December 2015.


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